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Since its beginning in the early 1980’s, Vexor’s services have greatly expanded to provide easy solutions to the needs associated with the woodworking industry. In addition, as the company’s services have expanded, so has the attention to detail and perfection. Vexor’s main priority is to provide tooling that works within the most precise tolerances, therefore providing the customer with the highest quality tooling available.

Located in beautiful Denver Colorado, Vexor is family owned and operated, utilizing over 90 years of combined experience in the tooling and manufacturing industry. This emphasis on the importance of family is one of the main factors that sets Vexor apart from other tool companies.

“Vexor can make your vision a reality, from concept to production.”

When Walter Orbach started Vexor in 1984, he saw the problem many woodworking companies were having trying to locate and maintain quality tools. He immediately set out to provide services to solve this problem, using the experience and knowledge he had gained from nearly 20 years in the tool manufacturing business.

In 1966 Walter began his career in the tooling industry with an apprenticeship at Fred M. Velepec Co. Here Walter was in charge of the production of router bits and shaper cutters. After becoming a journeyman tool maker, Walter went on to work for a number of reputable companies making a variety of different tools. This list includes Coors Ceramics and Rocky Flats, among others. These companies laid the foundation for the experience necessary to manufacture the custom tooling Vexor produces today.

Then in 1984, Walter purchased Precise Saw Works, a small business that provided saw blade sharpening. From there Walter changed the company name to Vexor, and began manufacturing a variety of different types of precision tooling. Today Vexor has grown exponentially, however the emphasis on product quality and reliability is still the main focus. This determination, combined with Vexor’s knowledgeable expert staff, and the ability to cater to the customer’s needs makes Vexor the best source for custom cutting tools for the woodworking industry.

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