Tindall’s Virgin Timbers

For over 40 years, Tindall’s Virgin Timbers has been supplying only the best in truly reclaimed building materials to our clients. Each board and beam coming into our facility has a history of time and weatherment. The result of our hard work and dedication to reclaiming is shown by re-sculpting the past into a beautiful future for your next project. We find antique buildings full of the best materials to dismantle one beam at a time. Each board and beam is hand selected for its beauty, strength and durability. Each beam goes through a process of cleaning and de-nailing ready for sawing to size. All of our materials are then kiln dried to a moisture content of 8-10%. After drying, our material is ready to process into your one of a kind floor. Each order is custom milled to your specifications. Let us help you bring the warmth and beauty of reclaimed into your home.

Each piece of our reclaimed wood is selectively hand chosen to bring you only the best antique lumber that has the strength, stability, and durability you need for your project.

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