Interior Woodworking Specialists

In 1987, Doug Hepner started in his garage. Today, the IWS. facility is 37,000 sq. ft. of Lean Manufacturing space, using state-of-the-art technology everywhere we can. Moving from Doug’s handshake deals with customers and hand drawings on vellum paper, to today’s use of electronics and automation of everything from submittals, contracts, project tracking, and high-level communication with our GCs.

IWS has definitely kept pace with technology. However, when building and coordinating the highly detailed features that IWS specializes in, we cannot forget our craftsmen who make it all possible. Hundreds of years of combined knowledge and experience allow IWS to be recognized as one of the premier architectural millwork companies in the Pacific Northwest. The tenure and loyalty of not only our employees but of our customers also make the IWS culture one to be proud of.

Industries of Operation

Materials of Use