Architectural Millwork

Architectural Millwork’s roots go back to 1969.  Ron Mathews, after working as a finish carpenter for many years and eventually a superintendent for a local general contractor, chose to focus on custom cabinetry and millwork.

Opening the doors for the first time as “Mathews Cabinets” in a small rented building Ron’s goal was quality woodwork.  In 1970 Mathews Cabinets incorporated, and to better describe the wide range of custom woodwork being offered it became known as “Architectural Millwork of Santa Barbara, Inc.”

Over the past years the company has moved from the small rented space to a modern building with a large workshop and beautiful showroom. The old manual machines have been replaced with state-of-the-art computerized machinery and as new materials and technologies have entered the market, Architectural Millwork has integrated them into our production processes. However, one thing that has remained unchanged is our commitment to quality.  While modern machines may enhance the production process ultimately our craftsmen, by employing time-tested methods, transform what Mother Nature has provided into a beautiful addition to your home or office.

We at Architectural Millwork have had the opportunity to work with many outstanding architects and contractors.  We have been given the highest compliment by being invited into your homes and businesses.

Architectural Millwork today, as in 1969, occupies the corner of Nopal and Quinientos in Santa Barbara, CA.

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