Wolf Lumber and Millwork (Frame Saw)

Wolf Lumber stave core door stiles are designed for strength and stability to resist bowing and twisting. We are committed to using the proper materials to achieve consistent results. We meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in quality craftmanship of our products.

Our stave core door stiles are manufactured using various softwood and hardwood species. Our standard stock cores are manufactured from white oak, pine, sapele or poplar. We can accommodate custom orders from any species to build cores to customer specifications. We work with most species of lumber for the veneers and finished edges, including domestic and foreign hard wood lumber and softwood lumber.

Stave core stile face veneers can be 1/4″, 3/16″, 1/8″, or custom thickness and can be used as either an interior door veneer or an exterior door veneer. The finished edges can be whatever thickness you need. The thickness of the edges is determined by the desired profiling on the edge. A 3/4” edge is good for a profile of 5/8” or less. If a deeper profile is required, we can supply a thicker edge on one or both edges.

We select material for grain and color match depending on the species of wood used and the specifications supplied by the customer; for example all heartwood cherry or all sapwood maple, quarter sawn or plain sawn lumber, etc.

The following are some of the softwood and hardwood materials available for manufacturing custom stave core door stiles. However, we can manufacture your stiles from most any species.

1984 Maple Hollow Rd, Duncansville, PA 16635

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