LIMITED EDITION Singcore Lightweight 5 Drawer Dresser With Port Orford Cedar. $290

Collapsible flat pack for easy moving.

  • Port Orford Cedar with patented Singcore plywood

  • Dresser Size: Size 47″ Wide 50″ Tall 20″ Deep

  • Drawer Size: 41 3/4″Wide 9″High 17″Deep

  • Front comes finished. Everything else comes unfinished with no edge banding, no sanding and no painting.

  • Lightweight, Strong and Made with Eco-Friendly Sing Honeycomb

Singcore Lightweight 5 Drawer Dresser offers style, strength and light-weight in one attractive package. Made from our patented Sing Honeycomb Core, you are assured that the dresser you purchase could last beyond your lifetime. Our dressers come unfinished.  The solid wood drawers (sides, back and bottom) faced with our honeycomb core laminated butcher block wood stave fronts. Drawer sliding mechanisms are precision placed so drawers open and close smoothly and drawers sit flush to the furniture. Our furniture weighs at least 1/3 less than comparable furniture, and there’s no MDF or fiber-board to add to the weight. Our furniture is easier to put together. Stronger than the standard fiberboard furniture on the market, our dresser drawers are strong enough for a man to stand on so you can store more in your dresser drawers with no worries about the drawer bottoms falling out or falling apart.

Shipped as FLATPACK.

Sing Core modernizes classic cottage styling without sacrificing an ounce of charm. 

Streamlined profiles and unfinished wood give this relaxed dresser a refined appeal. 
With super light and strong Sing Core patented torsion box internal design you will be able to put whatever you want in the drawers. You can use one finger to lift one side of the chest.


To view a demonstration on a 3 Drawer Dresser, click on the You Tube link to see a quick assembly tutorial.


To get a better understanding on the precision and detail that goes into the furniture, please visit Singcore Outlet and read Furniture Panel Information. You can also clip on SHOP to directly make a purchase.

Here is your chance! We are only keeping these in stock for a limited time!

Pickup only. Extra Charge for Crate and Shipping. Crate price is not included with shipping calculation. It must be determined afterward according to the amount and size of items you purchase. Come on down to our factory in McCleary before 3:30PM! CALL US at 360-495-3577 for the location. ASK FOR JOHN.

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